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(Article) I Have a Website, Why Do I Need Anything Else?

(Article) I Have a Website, Why Do I Need Anything Else?

(Article) I Have a Website, Why Do I Need Anything Else?

Online Advertising for Towing Companies

TowProgram has been busy lately working with towing company owners to set up an online local advertising plan that are custom built for towing companies.

In the conversations I have with prospective customers I often hear similar questions from why they need to be spending money to advertise their towing company online to why should they be partnering with me and my team. I hear these questions so often in fact that I figured I would write a post about them in hopes of helping to better explain what TowProgram does to help your towing company succeed online and why it’s important to find the right partner.

Am I better off managing my online advertising process myself?

Hundreds of tow companies have already taken steps to improve their online presence. Many have websites, completed profiles and even completed their Local Places Page on Google Maps. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The trick to getting and maintaining an impactful web presence for your tow company is to secure active listings and company information on multiple channels and then updating that content on a routine basis. If you already have a website for your towing company that is great but when is the last time it was updated? It’s probably been a while and what Google and other search engines value most is relevant and updated content. So it is of vital importance to make sure your website is built with an eye toward Search Engine Optimized. Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that starts before your site is even built to make sure the content, design and framework of your site is ideal for people searching for a towing company online. And the process must be ongoing to ensure you secure the most desirable search positions possible.

Additionally, changes are constantly being made to the algorithms that define what results are shown for each search. These complex and frequent changes can be time consuming to understand and months to revise your site to maintain your position.

Should I just partner with the Yellow Page salesman that visits the shop each year?

The TowProgram Online Ad Plan is built specifically for tow companies. We work exclusively with towers and the tow industry and this is why that is important. Every day we are perfecting the online tools that work best for matching people searching for towing with our towing company clients. We are not working with a lawyer’s office one day and a pet store the next and then a pizza place the next. Towing is a unique beast and the reasons why and how people search for towing companies is quite different than why someone may search for a dry cleaner. And is important you are taking advantage of those differences for two reasons:

#1) IT SAVES YOU MONEY. So much tow company online advertising that happens is wasted. The message is seen either by someone not currently needing a towing company or by someone that needs a towing service outside your targeted service area. The only customers that matter for a towing company are those in need of immediate towing services within their targeted service area. Efficient targeting of ads takes time but the result is better bang for your buck. TowProgram’s Online Ad Plan for Towing Companies is built to be cost efficient and effective.

#2) IT SAVES YOU TIME. It’s important that your tow company online advertising partner understands your business. You have most likely received a call from a salesmen saying he can get your ads on smart phones and other mobile devices and how perfect that is for a tow company since stranded people use their phones to find a tow company. But what he didn’t tell you is that your ad is likely to appear at the top of a game that someone is playing on their phone. And that is unlikely to help you get cash calls no matter how cheap it is. We stay on top of the latest advancements in technology including all mobile advancements and commit to our customers that when a new technology comes out that meets our reach and targeting requirements it will be rolled out to our customer network immediately. I separate the wheat from the chaff for you so you can stay focused on other issues.

Choosing TowProgram is Risk Free with Our No Contract Policy

The value that TowProgram’s Local Online Ad Plan for Towers offers is second to none. We charge $179.95/mo. of which $50 goes directly to Google and Bing ads to drive traffic to your website through a custom keyword ad program. And the best part of all is it is completely risk free with our No Contract Policy.

Having been a tower for years I know just how much time is spent meeting with salesmen, and reading contracts and trying to determine what the right plan is for your company. I have removed all of that hassle from the process. If it looks like we might be a good fit give me a try. If after a few months you don’t think it’s working out just let me know and we will go our separate ways. I look at it this way. $180 bucks a month is the equivalent to getting between 2-3 more light cash calls each month. And if that doesn’t happen you should get rid of me. But that is not going to happen because I have had so many customers tell me they that the plan has paid for itself for the entire year in the first month we have worked together.

Last year I was spending my time convincing tow company owners to stop spending their money on Yellow Page advertising and move it over to online marketing. Last week I received my latest Yellow Page book at my house and I was happy to see that most of the towing companies had stopped advertising. Now the task is to convince towers to develop a meaningful online presence for their companies.

So what do you have to lose? Give me a call and let’s talk about it. We can have you up and running in no time and you can finally resolve your online situation for good. I look forward to speaking with you soon. 888-834-1123
Marketing expert and former tower Dennis Wencel provides complete web solutions for tow company owners who want to generate more cash calls and drive greater profits.

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TowProgram Dennis WencelMarketing expert and former tower Dennis Wencel provides complete web solutions for tow company owners who want to generate more cash calls and drive greater profits.

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