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What is a Tow Worth?

What is a Tow Worth?

Left in the wake of the recent and frequent storms to hit much of the Midwest and Eastern US this winter are clear roads and complaints of towing fees. It always amazes me to see how much people are willing to complain about a cost of a service that is almost immediate and provides the level of service and safety rarely seen from other services. It makes me wonder: “What do people expect a tow to cost?”

David Tulis/AP Photo

David Tulis/AP Photo

You want an expensive piece of equipment to show up almost immediately. You want it operated by a skilled, certified and safe operator who will not damage your vehicle. You want that person to perform a very dangerous job on the side of a road with cars skidding all over the place. And you want your car delivered to your repair shop of choice and often want a lift home to boot. So what is a fair rate for all of those services bundled together?

The taxi ride alone is likely to cost you $20-$30. And we bring your car too! Find a taxi that will do that.

Surely there are towers who take advantage of the situation. As in any industry there are some bad apples in the bunch but I am so tired of people unwilling to consider for a moment what is involved in performing a standard tow in favorable weather conditions let alone poor conditions.

Value your tow provider. Select professional, reliable and trustworthy providers. And offer a little respect for those willing to perform difficult tasks in challenging conditions.

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  • By Henry 20 Mar 2014

    Excellent point of important information, the general public doesn`t want to wait 2 hours plus on side of road for road club, but will complain when you provide a company service 24 / 7 / 365 within 10-20 minutes of call = let them calculate payroll, truck payments, insurance costs & fuel expense.

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