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Black Book of Towing

Customer Comments

“I’m very happy I bought the Black Book. It’s easy to follow and easy to put to use.” John W.

“The Book helped me understand my company from the customer’s perspective.” Dan S.

“Great value for the price. We are seeing profits going up by Working Smarter, Not Harder. Can’t recommend it enough.” Lisa B.

“Finally, ideas from someone who understands towing. This book was a long time coming. Jim D.

“The Black Book paid for itself within the first week and I’m only on chapter 3. Thanks!” Robin L.

“We’ve had four people read it already. Now the entire team is on the same page when I talk about smart growth verses overall growth.” Eddie S.

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Tow Company Business Solutions

Black Book of TowingThe Black Book of Towing & DVD Set

Built by towers for towers, the Black Book of Towing includes over 100 ways to make more money and is designed to simply, easily and effectively help tackle the biggest business-side challenges facing tow companies. It teaches company owners how to make more money by:
  • Cost-effectively building a strong brand to make your company stand out
  • Easily compute costs and revenue per call leading to greater profits
  • Add automation methods to help your business run more efficiently
  • Better manage employee relations
  • Prepare your business for the most profitable sale

For Experienced Owners Looking to Make Their Tow Company More Profitable

Tow Program specifically created the Black Book to help you get the most out of your towing company. It will walk you step-by-step through the exercises to uncover exactly which calls are your most profitable and how you can to get more of them. This allows you to make greater profits without increasing your call volume, more money for you with no additional expenses. The Black Book of Towing will also help you uncover ways to maximize your assets including getting the most out of your employees, shop, storage facility and equipment. Taking full advantage of your current expenses to make sure they are doing all they can to pad the bottom line. The Book also details the steps to develop a premium brand presence for your company to make it stand out as the premier tow provider and attract more the most profitable calls. It will show you how to extend that brand it to every point of your business all on a shoestring budget. It teaches you the tricks to begin marketing your company online for free and how to get the most out of the advertising dollars you do spend by choosing only the most effective advertising tactics.Click here to see the entire table of contents.

For New Owners Looking to Start or Buy a Tow Company

Learn the insider tips and tricks to getting the most out of your equipment capacity. Understand how to set up your customer mix to keep the trucks rolling and keep the money coming in without overwhelming your system. The Book will show you how to match the right assets to each source of work and getting the most out of your investments. The Book will show you how to attract and hire the right employees and then effectively manage their success. Learn how to keep your best people happy and improve or remove the bad employees. The Black Book of Towing will demonstrate how to incorporate simple processes into your company to automate the routine tasks of a working tow company saving you time and delivering you more than profits as an owner.

For Owners Looking to Sell Their Tow Company

Before putting your company on the market learn what will make your company truly more valuable than other small businesses currently for sale and get more buyers interested in your company. Understand how to effectively prepare your financials, equipment and other assets, and your customer mix to get the most money at the closing table. And find out exactly what documents you will need to prepare for a successful sale.

Black Book of Towing

Buy the Black Book of Towing today and see just how easy it is to increase your profits by working smarter not harder. Included with your purchase is:

  • 130 page Black Book of Towing
  • Complete DVD set of live program exercises & tutorials
  • Lifetime access to online toolboxes including unlimited download access. Get forms, sample contracts, and other support materials to help your company increase profits and run smoothly.
  • Access to continuous learning conference calls highlighting important industry issues.
  • Full 30-day-risk-free money back guarantee!
Order The Black Book Today

Towing industry secrets few share

Order Your Black Book of Towing & DVD Set NOW and See Why So Many Towers Are So Happy With the Black Book of Towing

The Black Book of Towing explains the path to greater profits through detailed, easy to follow, step-by-step exercises. They will help you fully understand your profitability by category (the source of work) and how to use that information as a guide to efficiently grow your business.

Often times this path leads to making more money by doing less work or, more accurately, doing more of the right kind of work.This Book & DVD set will lead you to a more efficient organization, freeing your time to enjoy life outside of work.

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30-day money-back guarantee

30-Day Risk-Free | 100% Money Back Guarantee

Black Book of Towing

If you don’t think the Black Book of Towing can help you make better decisions and more money just ship it back to me and I will cheerfully refund all your money. You don’t even need to give me a reason for returning it. See, I know the power of this program and I’m confident you will get it the first day you dig into the material. You win no matter what because I shoulder all of the risk. All you pay is shipping and handling.

Order The Black Book Today

Make money back in first week

Black Book of Towing Table of Contents

Black Book of Towing Section 1

How This Book Will Help You
How the Book is Organized
Getting the Book to Work
Profit Analysis
Defining Success
Defining Goals
Understanding Revenue
Traditional Revenue Streams
Towing and Recovery
Call Source
Your Company Data
Calculating Annual Calls Performed
Revenue per Call
Scalability by Call Source
Revenue by Source
Defining Capacity
Non-Traditional Revenue Lines

Black Book of Towing Section 2

Expense Management
Expense Control Preparation
Summing Annual Expenses
Your Company Data
Fixed Costs
Variable Costs
Calculating Annual Calls Performed
Calculating Cost per Call
Comparing Cost per Call to Revenue per Call
Calculating Profit Margin
How Low Can You Go?
Don’t Cut Yourself Out
Accounting for Intangible Costs
Calculating Your Magic Number
Keeping the Magic Number Magic
Extending Expense Management
Equipment Acquisition
Truck Purchasing Best Practices
Tow Equipment and Supplies
Incident Reports
Sample Incident Report
Managing Shrinkage
Fuel Consumption

Black Book of Towing Section 3

Branding & Marketing
Defining Brand
The Naming Dilemma
A Name is Just a Name, is Just a Name?
Critical Naming Considerations
To Change or Not to Change
The Brand Brainstorm
Professionalism in Towing
Describing Your Business to Stand Out
The Power of the Tagline
The Marketing Plan- Putting Your Brand to Work
Customer Touch Points
Online Advertising That Gets The Job Done
Maintain the Campaign
Marketing Budgeting
Extending the Brand
Audiences: Talking to All Customer Groups
Marketing Tactics
Remember the Details
Efficiency in Marketing
Press Releases

Black Book of Towing Section 4

Winning New Business
Matching Assets to Work Source
Cash Calls
Private-Property Towing
Training Your Customer
Sample Tenant/Resident Notice Letter
Private-Property Contract
Account Calls
Working to Earn the Business
Motor Club Calls
Auction Calls
Municipal/Police Calls
Being the Go-To Company

Black Book of Towing Section 5

Maximizing Assets
Utilizing Your Asset Pool
Process Management
Employee Management
Minority Partnerships & Profit Sharing
Defining Roles
Work Balance & Distribution
Management Training
Professional Networks
State Towing Associations
Accountability Partnerships

Black Book of Towing Section 6

Automating Processes
What Do You Do?
Preventative Maintenance Schedule
Automated Toll Passes
Bulk Fuel
Phone Credit Card Processing
Truck Replacement Filter List
Bid Document File
Scan Frequently Used Documents
Phone Log
Billing Inserts

Black Book of Towing Section 7

Employee Relations
What Makes a Good Employee
Trial/Probation Period
DOT Medical Exam
Setting Expectations
Employee Training
Employee Manual
Sample Employee Manual
Standard Operating Procedures Manual
Sample Standard Operating Procedure Manual
Operator Process Automation
The Safety Award Fund
Weekly Operator Log
Trust, but Verify
GPS Truck tracking

Black Book of Towing Section 8

Freeing Up Your Time
The Exit Strategy
Piece of Mind & The End Game
Independent Valuations
Calculating Sale Price
Materials for Potential Buyers
To Broker or Not to Broker
Presenting Your Business
Business Profile
Summary and Overview
The Sale Roller Coaster

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