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27 Feb 2017

2017 Tow Show Schedule

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towing company online marketing2017 Tow Show Schedule

The 2017 tow show schedule of towing industry gatherings follows. Tow Shows are a fantastic way to learn more about towing, to meet peer towers who know what you go through to make a living, and to discover ways to improve your towing business.

This year TowProgram president Dennis Wencel will be teaching tow company marketing classes at three tow shows. You’ll see him slotted as usual on the Florida and Baltimore Tow Show seminar schedules, and you’ll see him for the first time at the Las Vegas Tow Show to make his contribution to the CTTA.

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28 Oct 2016

2016 Baltimore Tow Show Free Pass

There are no tags 0 comments and American Towman Magazine have teamed up to provide free passes to the 2016 Baltimore Tow Show. Are you looking for a way to get into the Baltimore Tow Show for free? Just print out the free tow show pass below and show it at registration. This pass entitles you and a guest to free entry into the Baltimore Tow Show. If you have more than two people wanting to go, just print out as many passes as you need.


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Adding Heavy Hauling To Towing CompanyAdding heavy hauling to your towing business may be right for you. Heavy hauling is a natural extension of any towing company already providing heavy towing and recovery. Many government contracts now require contracted towing and recovery provider companies to maintain lowboy & drop-deck type trailers to efficiently clear wrecks and cargo from an accident scene. Getting that asset working harder for you can deliver financial rewards if you are able to navigate the heavy hauling space including the permit and routing issues that can deliver more headaches than upside. This thought lead to an interesting conversation I had with Ken Preston from Presto Permits at the Baltimore Tow Show.

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02 Nov 2015

2016 Tow Show Schedule

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IMG_03982016 Tow Show Schedule

The 2016 tow show schedule of towing industry gatherings follows. Tow Shows are a fantastic way to learn more about towing, to discover ways to improve your towing business, and to meet peer towers who know what you go through to make a living. If we need to add or update a show on this list, please let us know!

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18 Oct 2015

Free Pass 2015 Baltimore Tow Show

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Free Pass 2015 Baltimore Tow Show

Looking for a free pass to the 2015 Baltimore Tow Show? has you covered.baltimore tow show

2015 has been a great year for tow shows. The Florida Tow Show was a hit once again. The California Tow Show moved back to Reno and as this year’s tow show season comes to an end its time for the grandaddy of them all; The Baltimore Tow Show.

TowProgram will once again be attending the show. Our booth number is 1311 and we are just behind AW Direct. We have new products and all sorts of new information on how you can become more successful online. We will also be hosting a seminar detailing all of these juicy tips on Sunday morning. The seminar series does require a seminar passport and this pass will get you into the exhibit area, truck beauty contest and all of the after hour events.

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I learned recently of the passing of Joe Pedigo of Joe’s Towing in Bloomington, IL. Joe was a committedjoe-pedigo and fierce advocate for the towing industry and remained active in its causes throughout his life. My personal experience with Joe was serving along with him on the PTRIO (Professional Towing & Recovery Association of Illinois). As I was a new and very green member of the towing community, I found Joe to be always an welcoming and encouraging voice. He was actively involved in the legislation committee and served all Illinois towers well. I would often see Joe at Tow Shows around the country and would always approach him as if we were old friends. Truth be told, I’m not sure he always remembered me as the kid from Naperville. He was a true legend and was constantly being greeted by a long line of people saying hi to Joe as he walked the tow show floor
. He was so kind to so many of us I think we all felt like Joe’s good friend.

Joe’s son posted the following on Tow411.

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We see a lot of tow truck pictures here at With the average towing company website containing no lessTow Truck Picture Advice (2) than 20 images we have experienced our share of bad tow truck pics. That is why I was so delighted to see the March 2015 issue of Tow Times Magazine feature an article about how to take a good tow truck picture. The article provides clear detail on how to make your truck look great. Tow Times doesn’t release their magazine online but I do have an image of the article from Van’s Towing’s Facebook page here.

Here are some of the highlights from the article:

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One of the horrors of working in the towing business is we all know someone who has been touched by a roadside accident. Now that the Move Over Law exists in all 50 states its partly our responsibility as emergency vehicle operators to get the word out about what every motorist should do when they see a squad car, tow truck or fire truck in a lane or on the shoulder.

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Steps for Successful Collections

Collections is part of the towing business whether we like it or not. Following are steps to collect more of the money you’ve already earned.

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Tow Company Advertising

(This tow company advertising article originally appeared in the April, 2011 issue of Towing & Recovery Footnotes. You can view the entire issue electronically at their site

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