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The Black Book of Towing & DVD Set is now available to help towing and recovery companies increase their profits.

Here is the official Press Release that was sent out to the industry publications on Friday.
Black Book of Towing & DVD Set author, Dennis Wencel, said, “When I first got into towing, few were willing to answer the questions I had about how to make my business more profitable. So after I sold my company, I decided to pour all the valuable secrets I learned over the years into a book and DVD set to help more independent tow companies thrive. After all, one of the greatest aspects of our industry is that it is filled with small, independent and family-owned businesses, and I want to help keep it that way.

Built by towers for towers, the set details the path to increased profits by walking towing and recovery company owners and managers through simple, easy and effective steps to tackle the biggest business-side challenges facing tow companies today. -Kick-starting their online advertising plan so internet searchers know they exist
-Easily computing costs and revenue per call so they know how much they make on each call
-Adding automation methods to help the business run more efficiently
-Better managing employee relations through creative compensation techniques
-Preparing the business for the most profitable sale

“Our industry has all sorts of training resources for the recovery skills side of towing,” Wencel said, “It’s time we had access to proven ideas and tactics for the business side too, because both sides have to work to be successful in today’s competitive environment.”
Wencel will be a speaker at the 2010 Professional Towing & Recovery Operators of Illinois Tow Show in Lisle, IL August 15 and 16. To learn more about the Black Book of Towing & DVD Set, call Tow Program at 888-834-1123 or visit Images and details are available at

About The Black Book of Towing & DVD Set The Black Book of Towing & DVD Set was created by Dennis Wencel shortly after he sold his towing and recovery business. Focused on helping independent towing and recovery companies thrive, The Black Book of Towing and DVD Set purchase also includes a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime access to the Online Toolbox, a database of forms, sample contracts and other useful documents for the busy towing and recovery company.

About Tow Program Tow Program is the company Dennis Wencel started to promote and distribute The Black Book of Towing & DVD Set. The company also provides Online Advertising Plans and on-site consulting services to the Towing and Recovery Industry. For more information, visit

About Dennis Wencel Dennis Wencel created The Black Book of Towing & DVD Set after selling his own towing and recovery company in 2010. Prior to his time in towing, Wencel worked for a decade in advertising and marketing. He lives with his wife, Jan, in Naperville, Il.

We had a great time in Reno and met all sorts of good folks. The classes were well attended and we have some very good discussion on online advertising for a tow company.
Thanks to all who attended and to the staff from CTTA for putting on a great show.

The seminars: Online Advertising For Your Tow Company and Building an Online Presence for Your Tow Company were such a success we ended up running out of books so we have extended the show special on the web site.
You can find the deal on the hidden page here.

See you all next year.

AZ Governor vetoes tow truck bill: says it need to be “More thoroughly thought out
Ed Ableser, D-Tempe, that would have made it illegal for tow truck companies to remove a vehicle on private property without permission from the property

Towing service owner charged with agreeing to pick up trash in lot for right to tow
Gainesville Sun
By Karen Voyles The owner of a Gainesville towing service has been charged with violating the state law regulating the services that a tow operator can

Aiken Standard

Suspect faces 50 charges of perjury, practicing law without license
Aiken Standard
Officials said the statute is designed to help towing services recoup the loss they incur by towing and housing a vehicle. Law enforcement officers who find

TowProgram to Present at The Western States Tow Show
Sponsored by the California Tow Truck Association.

Dennis Wencel from TowProgram will be presenting two seminars at the Western States Tow Show. The seminars will focus on how small tow companies can make the most of their online presence.

Internet Exposure for Your Tow Company Thursday June 3rd at 12pm

Understand the first steps to starting your online business profile. Learn the tricks to building a powerful online presence for your company on a shoestring budget. And find out why you need to move all of your advertising spending to the Internet.

Internet Advertising for Towers Saturday June 5th at 9am

This introduction to Keyword Search Advertising will teach you the basics to get the biggest bang out of your Internet advertising buck. Learn how to create impactful ads, apply the right keywords and use geo-mapping to only serve ads in your area. You can have your company advertising online within 24 hours.

Off the heals of great success at the Houston Tow Show, we are looking forward to a great time in Reno! See you in June!

Tow truck drivers rally, mourn one of their own
An on-duty tow truck operator driver is killed, on average, every six days — more than 60 each year — according to Jess Horton of the Southwest Towing …

No Fee Increases for CT Towers
Hartford Courant
By ERIC GERSHON The Hartford Courant The state’s tow truck companies won’t be getting any of a slew of state-regulated fee increases they sought last

Tow Franchise Idea Dropped In Exchange For Other Changes
The Dispatch
By Bryan Russo, Staff Writer OCEAN CITY — Members of the towing industry rallied against the proposed franchise for police tows last week, and it appears

Nice Article on CT Operator Liking his job
The Hour
For the better part of 16 years, Gawricki has worked as a tow truck operator for Connecticut Towing and Recovery, located on Church Street.

Tow Program is skills training for the business side of towing. To learn more go to

A customer gave me a great idea today. She suggested I post the Table of Contents on the site. She said she was amazed at just how much more was in the Guide than she expected.

So, thanks for the idea Katy and here is the Table of Contents Page from the Tow Program Guide. Obviously all of these topics are covered within the program.

Guide Table of Contents

Section 1

How This Program Will Help You

How the Program is Designed
Getting the Program to Work

Profit Analysis
Defining Success
Defining Goals

Understanding Revenue
Traditional Revenue Streams
Towing and Recovery
Call Source
Your Company Data
Calculating Annual Calls Performed
Revenue per Call
Scalability by Call Source

Revenue by Source
Defining Capacity
Non-Traditional Revenue Lines

Section 2

Expense Management
Expense Control Preparation
Summing Annual Expenses
Your Company Data
Fixed Costs
Variable Costs
Calculating Annual Calls Performed
Calculating Cost per Call
Comparing Cost per Call to Revenue per Call
Calculating Profit Margin
How Low Can You Go?
Don’t Cut Yourself Out
Accounting for Intangible Costs
Calculating Your Magic Number
Keeping the Magic Number Magic
Extending Expense Management
Equipment Acquisition
Truck Purchasing Best Practices
Tow Equipment and Supplies
Incident Reports
Sample Incident Report
Managing Shrinkage
Fuel Consumption

Section 3

Branding & Marketing
Defining Brand
The Naming Dilemma
A Name is Just a Name, is Just a Name?
Critical Naming Considerations
To Change or Not to Change
The Brand Brainstorm
Professionalism in Towing
Describing the Business
The Power of the Tagline
The Marketing Plan- Putting Your Brand to Work
Touch Points
Online Advertising
Maintain the Campaign
Marketing Budgeting
Extending the Brand
Press Releases

Section 4

Winning New Business
Matching Assets to Work Source
Cash Calls
Private-Property Towing
Training Your Customer
Sample Tenant/Resident Notice Letter
Private-Property Contract
Account Calls
Working to Earn the Business
Motor Club Calls
Auction Calls
Municipal/Police Calls
Being the Go-To Company

Section 5

Maximizing Assets
Utilizing Your Asset Pool
Process Management
Employee Management
Minority Partnerships & Profit Sharing
Defining Roles
Work Balance & Distribution
Management Training
Professional Networks
Towing Associations
Accountability Partnerships

Section 6

Automating Processes
What Do You Do?
Preventative Maintenance Schedule
Automated Toll Passes
Bulk Fuel
Phone Credit Card Processing
Truck Replacement Filter List
Bid Document File
Scan Frequently Used Documents
Phone Log
Billing Inserts

Section 7

Employee Relations
What Makes a Good Employee
Trial/Probation Period
DOT Medical Exam
Setting Expectations
Employee Training
Employee Manual
Sample Employee Manual
Standard Operating Procedures Manual
Sample Standard Operating Procedure Manual
Operator Process Automation
The Safety Award Fund
Weekly Operator Log
Trust, but Verify
GPS Truck tracking

Section 8

Freeing Up Your Time

The Exit Strategy
Piece of mind and the end game.
Independent Valuations
Calculating Sale Price
Materials for Potential Buyers
To Broker or Not to Broker
Presenting Your Business
Business Profile
Summary and Overview
The Sale Rollercoaster

TowProgram Live DVD Exercises Series

Interesting article on student who’s car was towed from private property, got mad at tow company, started an anti-tow company facebook page, then got sued by tow company. Let’s see how this one plays out. And more here. And here.

York pastor complains about towed cars on Easter
York Daily Record
Rooney said five or six cars were towed from Friday through Sunday of Easter weekend. To make matters worse, the lot is close to an exit for people with

AG Investigating Communication Between Watkins, Constables and Tow Company
Dallas Observer (blog)
Dowdy Ferry — the towing company exposed in July 2009 by The Dallas Morning News as having a close relationship with Constables Jaime Cortes and Derick

Man pulls gun in tow truck dispute
NBC2 News
NORTH FORT MYERS: A man was arrested Wednesday after pulling a gun on a tow truck driver, according to deputies. Tow truck driver Donald Rider, 49,

Open-bid contract for municipal towing can be tough. Read here how a tow company lost their 8-year contract to a lower bidder.

Spanky Macher says goodbye to towing business
Spanky Macher says he’s had enough of the towing business, and Friday he gave away free lunch in what he called a celebration of retirement.

Tow Program is an educational product to help towing companies make big decisions better. To learn more go to

Dennis Wencel from TowProgram will be presenting a seminar at the Houston Tow Show to help tow companies get their businesses listed online.

Called Internet Exposure for your Tow Company, the seminar will explain the steps you should take to start your online business profile. He will reveal the tricks to building a powerful online presence for your company on a shoestring budget. And will tell you why you should begin moving all of your advertising spending to the internet.

The seminar will occur on Saturday morning at 8am in room 360B.

To register for all of the seminars at the Houston Tow Show follow this link.

To learn more about the Tow Program Guide follow this link.

About Tow Program

Tow Program is custom designed to help busy towing and recovery companies become more profitable. This easy-to-follow step by step plan explains how to put to use proven management, marketing and asset utilization ideas to increase your profits without increasing your workload.

About the Tow Show

One of the brightest stars in the towing and recovery galaxy is Tow Expo Int’l, the trade exposition and conference to be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center April 29, 30 and May 1, 2010 in Houston, Texas. The show joins more than 3,000 tow bosses for face-to-face business discussions with many of the leading suppliers of tow trucks and other products and services for the professional tower.

Tow Company Owner Appears on Pawn Shop Show to Sell Shelby Cobra body
Top Speed (blog)
Imagine yourself waking up one day, going to work in a towing company, and find yourself driving off with an authentic Shelby Cobra body, and you even get

Tow Operator charged in alleged towing scam
Culpeper tow driver did not have authorization to remove car from shopping center lot, police said. The Culpeper emergency dispatch center became an

Philli next up for tighter PP towing rules
Newly proposed legislation in Philadelphia City Council is designed to keep people from losing their cars to an unscrupulous tow truck driver under false

Interesting Story how Tow Company Name Backfires
Times and Transcript
A change in policy about how RCMP in District 11 call towing companies has at least one owner, Gary Tingley, wondering why the change was made.

Deputies: Tow company illegally selling cars for scrap
Tampa Tribune
Caldwell, the owner and operator of Danny’s Hooking and Booking wrecker service in Lakeland, was towing cars and illegally selling them for scrap metal at

Tow Program is designed to help tow companies make better business decisions.
Learn more at

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